Fate Grand Order Goes Viral After Debuting Van Gogh Heroine

Fate Grand Order can be a complicated series, with numerous feature length films and anime series covering a lot of ground in the story that wages magical worlds between sorcerers and servants that are often based on real life figures throughout history, and one has gone viral as a female character has taken on the appearance of the prolific artist known as Van Gogh! Joining characters that are based on real figures such as Alexander The Great, Joan of Arc, and William Shakespeare to name a few, it's clear that Fate Grand Order is one of the stranger anime franchises around!

Anime as a whole has released a number of different video games for mobile phones, specifically IOS and Android systems around the world. Usually taking the form of "Gatcha Games", video game entries that focus on collecting characters from a certain franchise in order for the play to use, Fate Grand Order has plenty of different characters to pull on, also taking the opportunity to create some original characters along the way. A character's strength can normally depend on how many "stars" they have associated with them in Fate's case and it seems as if Van Gogh is definitely one of the stronger characters in the bunch!

Twitter User Karoshi Myriad shared the look that went viral for the Fate Grand Order character that has been modeled from Vincent Van Gogh, with their attacks and setting paying homage in numerous ways to one of the most popular artist that have ever lived:

Much like so many other anime franchises, Fate Grand Order was hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with the upcoming film of the series, Fate/Grand Order - Divine Realm Of The Round Table: Camelot pushed back as a result. With the next film in the Fate series now set to be released in December of this year, the anime franchise is looking to bounce back with this new entry that will clearly be taking a page from the likes of Arthur, Lacelot, Merlin, and the other Knight of the Round Table!

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