Dragon Ball Super Blows Fans Away With Female Broly Shocker

If you ask any Dragon Ball fans about the things they are most looking forward to, there is a good [...]

If you ask any Dragon Ball fans about the things they are most looking forward to, there is a good chance Female Broly will be listed. Thanks to the newest arc of Dragon Ball Super, fans were briefly introduced to a female Super Saiyan whose transformation seemed to mirror Broly's Legendary form. Over the past couple of weeks, fans have argued back-and-forth about whether Dragon Ball Super had introduced its Female Broly character when a Saiyan named Caulifla was introduced. Toei Animation refused to clear up the confusion, allowing fans to squabble over the revelation.

That is, until now. The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super finally addressed the issue, and it left plenty of fans feeling vindicated and stunned.

In the 89th episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku did his best to recruit Master Roshi and Tien to fight in the impending Tournament of Power. While the trio navigated those conditions, Universe 6 was also working hard as Cabba approached Caulifla's hideout to recruit the gangster for the event. The brash female Saiyan was shown hanging out with the thuggish comrades, but one shot made fans pause and rewind the episode. For a short second, another female Saiyan was introduced, and there is no denying this character is the Female Broly figure fans saw previously.

It's a pretty easy put-together. The girl is wearing the same outfit, after all.

The newly introduced Saiyan didn't get to say anything thanks to Caulifla's spat with Cabba. The latter finally gets the gang's leader to agree to join when Cabba promises to show her how to go Super Saiyan. Still, it doesn't look like Caulifla will be the only one who learns how to harness such power.

Thanks to Todd Blankenship, fans have been able to read up on the real Female Broly's character biography which fans found in the code of Toei Animation's website. The short description has told fans the girl's name is Kale, a clear nod to Broly's pun-tastic name about Broccoli. The bio describes Kale as nervous, making Cabba chew her out during training. However, after the younger boy tells her to unleash her anger to go Super Saiyan, her "pent-up stress takes her into a berserker state" which has some really incredible power.

So, what do you think? Did you see this Dragon Ball Super twist coming? Are you excited to see two female Saiyans power-up and go against Universe 7 with Cabba? Hit us up on Twitter @ComicBook to let us know!

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