Fire Force Star Shares Hilarious Reaction to Fiery Ogun Scene

Fire Force's newest episode stunned fans with Ogun Montgomery's fiery display, but none were as hilariously stunned as star behind the English voice of the character, Zeno Robinson. Robinson was notably added to Funimation's English dub for Fire Force in the second season, and so far fans have loved his take on the fan favorite character. But the newest episode of the series shows off a completely new side to the character as he unleashes his Flamy Ink technique for the first time in the anime. It was indeed a show of force from original Japanese actor, Makoto Furukawa, and now Robinson is next.

Knowing that the English dub for Episode 9 of the series is not much farther away, Zeno Robinson took to Twitter to share his hilarious reaction to the scene. Comparing it to his work as he pro hero Hawks in the English dub for My Hero Academia, Robinson has to now take a step back and prepare for what amounts to nearly three minutes of constantly pushing his voice to the brink. All the while needing to keep up a hyper level of activity too.

The scene itself was a huge hit with fans as they have been waiting for Ogun to make his official anime debut ever since he was first introduced to the manga. Now he's one of the central characters of the anime series as he, Shinra, Tamaki, and a few others have been tasked with exploring the Chinese Penisula for signs of Adolla Bursts. The newest episode of the series confirmed that there is indeed one in the area, and Shinra has already made contact with them as a fierce fight continues to unfold outside of Amaterasu.

Ogun uses this Flamy Ink technique to buy Shinra some time, and it was made clear quite quickly that Ogun can deal some major damage when he wants to. His flames can even match up Company 1 Captain Burns' strength while in this mode. What did you think of Ogun's Flamy Ink attack? Excited to see the Zeno Robinson take on this scene in the dub? What are you thinking of Fire Force Season 2 so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!