Free: Iwatobi Swim Club, Chihayafuru Voice Actor to Restrict Workload

The fall anime season is moving forward at a brisk pace as the New Year looms over it. In just [...]

The fall anime season is moving forward at a brisk pace as the New Year looms over it. In just over a month, 2020 will roll in with a brand-new anime season, and fans of Chihayafuru are clinging to each new episode the show is putting out. But thanks to a new report, fans are worried about how the third season will progress with new episodes.

Over on Twitter, a well-known translation site gave fans an update on Chihayafuru. Otakujp translated a Japanese post which confirmed one of the show's stars is having to lighten his workload in the face of a health issue.

According to the report, voice actor Tsubasa Yonaga has been told too limited his work schedule. The restraint has been placed due to a voice disorder which has not been made public. The report does not say what this restraint entails, but fans are hoping Yonaga does not have to leave his roles behind temporarily.

While several of his best-known roles are on break, Yonaga does have a part in Chihayafuru. He plays Desktomu, one of the members of Chihaya's high school team. The astute player became a favorite with fans in season two, so fans are hoping Yonaga's break does not impact the show and its long-awaited third season.

As for other roles, fans will know Yonagao from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club as well as Okiku Furikabutte. He plays Ren in the latter and Nagisa in the former. Of course, the adorable swimmer is one of the main athletes introduced in the series, so fans are hoping Yonaga will recover well and return to swim meets soon enough.

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Originally created by Yuki Suetsugo for Kodansha's Be Love magazine in 2007, Chihayafuru has printed more than 21 million volumes in Japan. It tells the story of Chihaya, a young girl who fans first meet in elementary school. She befriends a gifted karuta player named Arata in her class, and the pair create a local karuto team with classmate Taichi. However, as the trio separate moving into middle school, their passions diverge before fate reunites them with a little help from the favorite childhood game.