FunimationCon Announces New Panels for Attack on Titan and More

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of conventions, anime or otherwise, to re-think how [...]

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of conventions, anime or otherwise, to re-think how they would go about continuing to hold their events in this time of quarantine, and Funimation has gone digital with their upcoming new convention, releasing new information about fresh panels that will dive into the likes of Attack On Titan and other series. With panels already announced for the likes of One Piece, Fruits Basket, and Fire Force, the anime company is surely looking to make a mark in the landscape of the convention scene by offering a virtual experience free to fans!

Attack On Titan's fourth season has recently released a trailer from Studio MAPPA, giving fans of the franchise a first look at the final adventure of the Survey Corps, that will be brought to North America with an English Dub by Funimation. Though the animation studio might have changed, we highly doubt that this will affect the voice actors that were originally chosen to bring to life the likes of Eren Jager, Armin, and Mikasa as they battle their way through the hordes of Titans and the warring nation of Marley. Alongside Attack On Titan, Funimation will also have panels for the series of Listeners and Toiler-Bound Hanako-Kun, though obviously the latter aren't quite as popular as the former.

Funimation revealed the news using their Official Twitter Account, adding some big panels to their upcoming convention which is slated to take place next month and give us inside looks into the upcoming seasons of several of your favorite anime franchises:

"FunimationCon is a chance for us to give back to a community which has supported us for over 25 years by re-imagining the convention experience," Colin Decker, General Manager of Funimation, shared in a recent statement. "With so many anime events being canceled this year, we're jumping in to fill the gap with a new way for fans to come together and enjoy some great content and experiences."

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