Sony Just Officially Acquired Funimation

It seems like things are all official between Sony TV and Funimation. Thanks to a new Twitter [...]

It seems like things are all official between Sony TV and Funimation. Thanks to a new Twitter post, the latter has confirmed Sony Pictures Television has completed its acquisition of the company.

"It's official," Funimation's latest update reads. "The deal has closed for Sony Pictures Television Networks to acquire Funimation — and we're incredibly excited!"

"We're still the Funimation you've known and grown up with, and now with the power of Sony, and with Gen at the helm, we have the opportunity to bring the best anime to even more fans across the world. Thank you for watching!"

If you are not familiar with the proceedings between Sony and Funimation, then you have a bit to catch up on. The deal began back in July as Deadline broke news about Funimation's acquisition to the public. The site's report suggested the anime distributor would be subsumed by Sony TV after the latter purchased 95% of Funimation's stock for $143 million. Sony assessed the company's worth to be a staggering $150 million, and Funimation clearly agreed with the acquisition's terms since it has been finalized.

There is no telling what kind of oversight Sony will use to alter Funimation's workflow, but fans are tentatively excited about the new partnership. Sony TV has a large global footprint, and its acquisition of Funimation will allow anime to be more easily spread out to a worldwide audience. So far, there are also no plans for Funimation to alter its current relationships with Crunchyroll, Toonami, Aniplex, and more. The company has also indicated its disinterest in alter any prices for its products, but that can always be changed once Sony looks over its recent purchase.

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