Gintama Announces New Movie Tie-in Anime Special

Before Gintama releases its big feature film project some time early next year, there will be a [...]

Before Gintama releases its big feature film project some time early next year, there will be a special new episode tying into the events of the new movie! Confirmed to be in the works shortly after Hideaki Sorachi brought the Gintama manga series to an end last year, there unfortunately have been very few concrete details as to the nature of this new project. It has been confirmed to be a full feature film, but it's currently unknown whether it will be adapting material from the manga or branching off into an original adventure.

While not exactly details for the new film, the official Twitter account for Gintama's new feature film did offer up a pretty significant update for fans. Announcing that a special episode will be streaming through the Japanese service dTV to commemorate a year passing since the end of the manga, this new episode will featuring content related to the events of the upcoming film.

There are unfortunately no details as to the release date for this new episode either, but the official announcement reads as such, "Breaking News: Gintama's new special anime episode is in the works!! A big announcement to celebrate the first anniversary of the manga's conclusion! A new anime episode whose content is related to the anime feature film to be released early 2021 is now in the works! It will be streamed on dTV! Stay tuned for further updates!"

Outside of a visual released late last year, there have been no major updates outside of the narrowing of its release window to early 2021. Thankfully, it currently seems to be on track during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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