Godzilla Vending Machine Makes Landfall In Japan

The king of the monsters has found himself involved in a number of insane battles during his time as one of the most popular kaiju that the world of film has ever seen, but there is perhaps no stranger place for Godzilla to appear than a vending machine, which now exists in Japan. With Godzilla vs Kong tearing up the charts in theaters around the world and streaming on HBO Max, it might surprise more than a few kaiju fans that this vending machine doesn't use the Legendary Pictures' version from the MonsterVerse, but rather, Japan's latest version in Shin Godzilla.

Shin Godzilla took a drastically different approach to the lizard king, distinctly making him a villain through and through as he rampaged across Japan with one of the most terrifying looks that we've seen for the giant lizard to date. Though there hasn't been any official news regarding the return of this terrifying take on the king of the monsters, that hasn't stopped Shin Godzilla from making several appearances in strange places. In fact, in Universal Studios Japan, Shin Godzilla was pitted against the EVA pilots of Neon Genesis Evangelion on an attraction that was simply too big of a crossover to fit within an animated series.

Kaiju News Outlet shared a first look at the Godzilla vending machine, giving fans the opportunity to buy snacks, drinks, and other kaiju related material with an aesthetic that seems ripped straight from the 2016 film that was directed by Evangelion creator, Hideaki Anno:

Though the future of Shin Godzilla is anyone's guess in the world of movies, the "Shin" world doesn't appear to be ending any time soon as Hideaki Anno is working on two new films with Shin UltraMan and Shin Kamen Rider respectively. Aside from the more terrifying makeovers of the monsters in the "Shin-Verse", the movies take a more realistic approach to the source material, creating a world for the giant monsters that feel like our own. While we don't know if there will ever be a Shin crossover in the future, it seems as if Hideaki Anno has big plans in store.

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