Godzilla vs Kong: First Box Office Forecasts Track High Above Wonder Woman 1984

Godzilla vs Kong is set to go live in theaters at the end of March, and the hype is high for the [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is set to go live in theaters at the end of March, and the hype is high for the film. As you can imagine, the blockbuster is one of the first to hit theaters since COVID-19 vaccinations began ramping up stateside. With theaters opening around the country, fans have been optimistic about Godzilla vs Kong's box-office, and a new report indicates those goals aren't so lofty.

Over on Twitter, box office analysts began tracking sales data for Godzilla vs Kong and sharing their findings. It turns out that the Wednesday forecast for the film's opening day is tracking higher than that for Wonder Woman 1984. Pre-sales for the kaiju flick are doing well, and this total excludes private party numbers.

After all, private screenings have become very popular amidst the pandemic. Moviegoers can rent theaters out for screenings to invite their circle of friends. According to analyst meJat32, private watch parties are estimated to bring in roughly $800,000 USD on opening day.

As for the total five-day opening, tentative reports put Godzilla vs Kong at $35 - 40 million USD. This is high above Wonder Woman 1984 as the Christmas Day flick opened to $16.7 million. This total was previously the highest box-office opening during the pandemic, but Godzilla vs Kong hopes to change that.

Not only are vaccinations beginning to lower COVID-19 numbers nationwide, but more theaters are opening across the United States. AMC Theaters re-opened a slew of theaters in California this week as restrictions gave the green light to chains. Now, all eyes are on Godzilla vs Kong to see what happens, so movie lovers will want to keep an eye on the two titans this month!

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