Godzilla vs Kong Prequel Comic to Introduce New Kaiju

Godzilla has endured for decades now alongside King Kong, so it only makes sense for the two to meet up on the big screen after all these years. Long after their first meeting, Godzilla and Kong will face one another in this year's MonsterVerse movie. And thanks to a recent update from Legendary Entertainment, fans know they can expect a brand-new monster to debut in the prequel comic to Godzilla vs Kong which will terrify them all.

The update came over the weekend as WonderCon @ Home got underway. The special event brought several of the convention's biggest panels to attendees online since the in-person event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. One of those panels belonged to Legendary Entertainment, and fans were introduced to a new kaiju during the virtual event.

According to reports from Kaiju News Outlet, the new monster is named Titanus Camazotz. The panel did not share much information about the beast, but a few stills were shared as you can see below. The panelists went on to describe Camazotz as a type of "darkness" with some calling him the "embodiment of nightmares" which sounds horrifying.

The artwork given of Camazotz is pretty scary, and it doesn't take much of him to freak netizens out. It looks like Camazotz was inspired by a bat of some sort given its articulate wings and snout. The monster is not one you would want to mess with, and the stills above tease what may happen if you aggravate the mysterious monster. This means Godzilla and Kong will have their hands full when this kaiju appears before them, so readers are excited to get their hands on this prequel comic closer to the fall release of Godzilla vs Kong.

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