Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Appears to Show First-Look at Mechagodzilla

The first trailer of Godzilla Vs. Kong certainly has its fair share of the two titans coming to blows, but it also might have shown us a certain robotic kaiju that will add a big new dynamic to the brawl in MechaGodzilla. The delayed blockbuster from Legendary Pictures has been long-awaited among fans of both giant monsters, and the new trailer doesn't just seem to hint at the arrival of the new version of the doppelganger of the lizard king, but proves that even this mechanical monstrosity will have its work cut out for it if it's trying to break up this fight!

MechaGodzilla first appeared in the Toho series in the appropriately titled film, Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla, wherein the mechanical threat was created by aliens to do battle with the king of the monsters. In subsequent appearances, Mecha would be created by mankind itself to do battle with the lizard king, making it one of the most recognizable giant monsters to be introduced via the Toho Studios' series of films. While MechaGodzilla has yet to be officially revealed, it seems as if a few segments in this trailer are hinting that the doppelganger of the king of the monsters might be interjecting itself into the brawl between Godzilla and Kong!

Reviewing the trailer, we were able to find two quick screenshots that hint that not only does the preview show someone controlling MechaGodzilla, but also that the titanic mechanical kaiju might in fact be in the trailer itself during a quick flash of destruction taking place in this fictional world:

(Photo: Legendary Pictures)
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)
MechaGodzilla has made numerous appearances throughout the history of Godzilla in the East, but has yet to make his presence known in the latest stories of Legendary's "Monster-Verse", so this clash of the titans would definitely be one of the best places for him to appear, especially considering that this might be the last go of the current iteration of this universe of kaiju! Needless to say, throwing MechaGodzilla into the mix is going to spell trouble not just for both Godzilla and Kong, but also for the world!

Do you think that this is in fact MechaGodzilla that appears in the trailer? What other kaiju do you want to see make appearances? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the "Monster-Verse"!