Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Teases a Shocking Villain's Debut

Godzilla vs Kong plans to let two of the biggest monsters in film fight this spring, but the pair will not be duking it out alone. As expected, this epic crossover seems to feature a bunch of new and old faces from the MonsterVerse. Some of the newcomers intend to be heroes, but the same cannot be said for all of them. And if the film's first trailer teased anything, it is that a rather surprising villain is about to make their debut.

If you have seen the epic trailer, you may know where this is going. The clip begins with footage of what appears to be Mechagodzilla making land, and the trailer explains Godzilla has gone berserk. King Kong has been tasked with settling the giant lizard, but Mechagodzilla is on standby should things get ugly. Of course, this man-made contraption is rarely considered a hero by fans, and it seems the man who operates Mechagodzilla is none other than Ishiro Serizawa's son.

The Godzilla vs Kong trailer shows a brief scene of a young man dressed in black standing before a panel detailing Mechagodzilla's systems. The mysterious figure just screams villain in this trailer, and some fans began wondering if the man was related to Serizawa. Now, a full cast update from IMDb suggests that theory is spot on. Actor Shun Oguri is said to be playing Ren Serizawa, and a previous novelization set in the MonsterVerse did confirm that was the professor's son. So far, no official cast list has confirmed the IMDb update, but fans expect this to be legit.

If Ren is the person behind Mechagodzilla, then things are about to get really complicated. The machine is most often seen fighting Godzilla as a foe, and Ren does have reason to despise the kaiju. His dad might have loved Godzilla, but Ren surely sees the monster as the beast which killed his father. And if revenge is what Ren wants, there is no better way to get it than through Mechagodzilla.

What do you make of this Godzilla vs Kong rumor? Do you think Serizawa's son is really behind Godzilla's bad behavior? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.