Nintendo Characters Star in Awesome Godzilla vs. Kong Mash-Up

Hype is quite high for Godzilla vs. Kong following the release of the film's first trailer, and one Nintendo fan has taken the opportunity to reimagine the upcoming battle with a pair of the company's characters. Artist @TinaFate1 on Twitter shared an amazing match-up between a different dinosaur and ape: Bowser and Donkey Kong! The characters seem to fit in quite well for the two monsters, though it seems that their conflict will cause a bit less destruction than the battle between Kong and Godzilla. That's because, rather than a city, the backdrop for this titanic tussle is the Battlefield stage from the Super Smash Bros. franchise!

The image from @TinaFate1 can be found embedded below.

The decision to use Donkey Kong in this role is very fitting, considering the history between the two characters. The King Kong films had a major influence on Shigeru Miyamoto's development of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. The game found a significant amount of success, prompting MCA Universal to bring a lawsuit against Nintendo in 1984. However, Nintendo was able to successfully prove that the King Kong character actually existed in the public domain, and the company won the lawsuit, as a result.

Since those early days, Donkey Kong has strayed quite a bit from his King Kong-inspired roots, while remaining one of Nintendo's biggest characters. Despite starting out as Mario's arch-rival, the character eventually went on to become a full-fledged hero, starring in the massively popular Donkey Kong Country series. Of course, Bowser took on the role of Mario's greatest enemy with the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985. Ironically enough, Bowser's next role will see the character growing to Kaiju-like size in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. In that game, players will be able to take part in a massive battle between Bowser and a giant version of Mario. Sadly, there's no Donkey Kong in site!


With Godzilla vs. Kong set to release in just a few short months, it's not hard to imagine that the film will inspire a slew of additional artwork like the one made by @TinaFate1!

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