Google Shares Its Top Anime Titles By the Year

Each year, there is usually an anime film or series that manages to claw its way to the top thanks [...]

Each year, there is usually an anime film or series that manages to claw its way to the top thanks to critical acclaim and word of mouth by the anime fan community. Google, which you know as the top search engine in the world, to say nothing of their other numerous contributions to technology, grants one anime film or series as the top of the charts when it comes to Google's algorithm. One fan has decided to culminate all the different anime for a select number of years, showing that whether they be television show or feature length film, there is an anime that stands above the rest for each individual year!

Starting at 2018, the list that is shown here goes back all the way to 1966 with the decades old, lesser known series known as Sally The Witch! While the list itself has some predictable entries such as Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon, and Akira, there are a number of anime listed here that may have passed you by when it comes to your viewing lists! Martian Successor Nadeisco, City Hunter, and Toradora are just a few of the anime listed here that may not get as much acclaim as its more popular "cousins", but are certainly comparable when it comes to overall quality!

The Twitter Account for J-List shared the impressive rankings of the top anime by year, proving that anime's history may go back far, but the medium still has a bright future with even more, dazzling series and shows that are coming down the pike with each passing year:

Last year, it would definitely be an argument by fan popularity rankings which movie and series would dominate the list, though we would imagine that Weathering With You for feature length film and Demon Slayer for television series would have a shot at top marks! If you want ideas for anime classics that you may not have seen in the past that you would like to check out, this is certainly a fantastic list to review!

Do you agree with the different rankings of this list? What changes would you make based on each individual year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!