Japan's Moving Gundam Statue Delays Debut Due to COVID-19

Sorry Gundam fans, but it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to see the moving mech statue in Japan arrive as the opening ceremony in July and the fill arrival of the statue later this fall have both been pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic! With the Gundam series of Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise being pushed back thanks in part to COVID-19, it looks like the long running and legendary anime mech franchise is being dealt some heavy blows as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the anime industry hard.

The larger than life Gundam statue was slated to be completed later this year, creating a mech suit that was the same size as the anime versions that we've all come to know and love over the years. Though this is hardly the first Gundam statue that has been created in Japan, with a number of statues being erected throughout the country, this would definitely set itself apart from its brothers and sisters thanks to its ability to move. While the statue itself wouldn't be flying through the air or rampaging through the city streets, being able to move even slightly would be an amazing accomplishment considering how big the statue was proposed to be.

Twitter User Otaku USA Magazine shared the unfortunate news that thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the arrival of the moving Gundam statue would be moved from its original dates to a "to be determined" date down the road that will hopefully be revealed to Gundam fans sooner rather than later:

The official description of the "Moving Gundam" for the statue's website reads as such:


"Since opening its port during the late Edo period, Yokohama has been the window of interaction between Japan and overseas, fascinating many people with its charming streets, along with its historical buildings and breathtaking views woven by the port, sea and sky, developing a rich culture. GUNDAM, and the internationally-acclaimed power of creation that Japan possesses, will merge in Yokohama, an international port city bristling with an enterprising spirit. Finally, it is time to make GUNDAM move. GUNDAM will move. It will move in Yokohama."

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