Family Dinner Becomes Gundam Evangelion Crossover

In anime circles, there is often a debate about which mech franchise has had a bigger influence on the medium in the forms of Mobile Suit: Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion, but one fan has decided to unite the two by incorporating the designs into their family dinner! While Evangelion might not be as popular as the franchise of Gundam, it has resonated with fans by presenting a number of pilots whose emotional states make them the perfect candidates to pilot the robotic devices that were spawned from the underground organization known as NERV.

Both Mobile Suit: Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion have not just followed a standard set of characters, but also alternate realities that are united by focusing on the same mechs that made each of the franchises famous among both anime fans and the general populace. Though Eva has always focused on Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, the television series painted a different picture from the "Rebuild of Evangelion" feature length film series that is planning to release its fourth and final movie in the franchise at some point in the future.

Twitter User Tomowo_PS2 shared the design work and eventual products that they made for themselves and their family for their usual dinner, modeling the impressive "helmets" that they were able to create from two of the most popular anime mech series in the world today:

There hasn't been an official crossover between Gundam and Evangelion so far, but the series has had a strange crossover recently via the theme park that is Universal Studios Japan. Last year, the pilots of the Eva Units clashed against the latest iteration of the king of the monsters in Shin Godzilla. With Gundam having crossed over with the insane property of Hello Kitty last year, who is to say that we won't eventually see these two mech series meet in some form or fashion in the future?

What do you think of this hilarious and creative work that blends Gundam and Evangelion together for a family dinner? Who do you think would win in a battle between these two anime series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and mech anime franchises!