Harley Quinn's Biggest Wish Is Granted In DC's Latest Anime Venture

For much of her run, Harley Quinn has had a simple wish that has yet to be granted. The DC Comics [...]

For much of her run, Harley Quinn has had a simple wish that has yet to be granted. The DC Comics vixen may be known as the Joker's girl, but Harley Quinn has never had the romance she dreamt about with the villain. The Joker is a pro at manipulating Harley Quinn for his benefit, but the baddie's luck had to run out one day.

After all, DC Entertainment's latest anime venture managed to snag the Joker for Harley Quinn after all these years.

In the past, the Joker and Harley Quinn have had their trysts, but there is never a happy ending awaiting the vixen. Despite being loyal to Gotham's most famous clown, Harley never fails to find herself shafted by the Joker when push comes to shove. However, DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon changes that narrative.

Earlier this year, the anime feature debuted in Japan, and its self-referential humor charmed anime and comic fans alike. The movie, which focuses on the Justice League, ends with the Joker in a hard place.

The villain is the film's main antagonist, and all the Joker wants is to make a movie. However, his criminal history cannot be ignored by the Justice League. The gang eventually team up with Eagle Talon squad to take out the Joker, and it leaves the villain in a rather familiar place.

As the movie end, the Joker is whisked away to an alternate universe that should look very familiar to anime lovers. The villain stumbles around a pastel-colored Tokyo with a confused expression, and the Joker isn't sure why he's wearing a high school uniform. He stumbles upon Harley Quinn after a while who is wearing a uniform of her own, and fans make an all-important connection when the film blares a track that sounds like it came from Your Name.

Well, it's because the Joker has been transported to that film's universe.

A Radwimps wannabe soundtrack confirms the Joker's worst fear and grants Harley her biggest wish. The pair have been trapped in a universe that demands they have a happy ending, and it destines the DC duo to have a shojo-worthy romance whether the Joker wants it or not. After decades of pursuing her puddin', Harley is promised the fairy tail romance she's always wanted with the Joker, and the wonderful laws of anime will ensure she gets it.

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