Hayao Miyazaki's New Studio Ghibli Film Updates Release Window

For a man who was recently in retirement, Hayao Miyazaki is sure productive. The director is a [...]

For a man who was recently in retirement, Hayao Miyazaki is sure productive. The director is a household name for anime fans worldwide thanks to his work with Studio Ghibli, but Miyazaki isn't content with letting his legacy continue without him.

After all, the famed artist is working on a brand-new film, and it seems Miyazaki's timeline for the project is getting extended a little bit.

Recently, Toshio Suzuki gave fans an update about Miyazaki and his on-going work on How Do You Live? The Studio Ghibli producer spoke with fans at an event promoting his latest book, and it was there Suzuki said Miyazaki's movie will open in about "three or four years." (via ANN)

Not only will it take a few more years for How Do You Live? to hit theaters, but it has already been in the works for quite some time. Suzuki confirmed Miyazaki has been in production on the film for two years so far, and Studio Ghibli is able to do things with this film it hasn't in the past.

While fans of Miyazaki may be bummed about this wait, the artist believes patience will be rewarded. The artist told fans last fall he needed three or four years to finish his latest action-fantasy film. For some time, many had wondered if Miyazaki would be able to get the film ready in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, but it seems that deadline is a bit on the ambitious side. As such, audiences will most likely see How Do You Live? hit theaters between 2021-2022 — but that doesn't mean there will be no new Miyazaki until then. Recently, the Studio Ghibli Museum in Japan began screening a brand-new short film by the director called Boro the Caterpillar.

For those unfamiliar with How Do You Live?, you should know it is yet another adaptation. The project is based on a famous children's story by Yoshino Genzaburo and centers on a middle school boy named Honda Junichi. The student lives a quiet life and comes to learn more about adolescence as he exchanges letters with his uncle. The pair grow and learn from one another as Honda grows bored of his pristine life. However, the uncle's wise words manage to challenge Honda into doing more with his life than what has come to be expected.

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