How Long Would Binging All of One Piece Take?

One Piece is slowly becoming one of the longest running anime out there, so you can see why [...]

One Piece is slowly becoming one of the longest running anime out there, so you can see why binging the entire series would be hard to do. There is a major difference between marathoning maybe 20 episodes of a series versus 900+ episodes. But if you were determined to marathon all of One Piece, one fan has done the math to figure how long it would take, and the results are not pretty.

Over on Twitter, the user evolbackwards decided to do the math behind One Piece, and we crunched the numbers just to double check. Right now, there are 929 episodes of the anime released, and that number won't change until One Piece pulls away from its pandemic-related hiatus. With no new episodes on the horizon, now is a good time to catch up on the series, but it will take you more than 10 days to do so.

With 929 episodes under its belt, each of those One Piece entries runs about 20 minutes if you exclude their opening and ending themes; If you did include those songs, each episode would run about 24 minutes. If you multiply 929 by 20, you end up with 18,580 minutes. Now divide that by 60 to get 309 hours.

(Photo: Toei Animation )

And how many days fit into 309 hours? Well, it turns out to be about 12 days. That means you could finish the entire anime in 12 days if you went without sleep, and we have to tell you that is a bad idea. One Piece is a fantastic series, but it is not worth losing THAT much sleep over.

If you want to beef up that marathon, you can always add in the One Piece movies. To date, their are 14 feature films dedicated to the Straw Hat pirates. The run time of each movie varies widely between 30 minutes to well over an hour. That means a marathon of the One Piece movies would take at least 12 hours to finish, so you can see there's a lot to unpack with this shonen anime.

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