Hunter x Hunter Cosplay Reimagines Gon's Ultimate Transformation

Throughout Hunter x Hunter, Gon was attempting to discover secrets regarding his father while also walking the hunter's path to learn more. While Gon had some serious fights throughout the Shonen series, perhaps none hit as hard as the Chimera Ant Arc, where the hero was forced to awaken an amazing power that transformed him from a young child to a full-grown adult. Now, one cosplayer has brought Gon's transformation to life thanks to pitch-perfect cosplay.           

Gon's adult form was a "hail mary" play that took place during the Chimera Ant Arc, with the Shonen protagonist deciding to harness all the strength he currently had, along with all the strength that he might have in the future, and unleashed it all at once in a bid to defeat on of the King's trusted lieutenants, Neferpitou. Though Gon lost an arm in this form, it didn't stop him from taking down the Chimera Ant, though he never had the chance to face off with the king one-on-one, as Togashi threw in a major curveball into how one of the most popular arc brought its story to a close.

Instagram Cosplayer BVI Mermaid took the opportunity to reimagine the adult form of Gon, which caused the Shonen hunter to lose access to his Nen for some time as Hunter x Hunter continued and followed along with not just the heroes, but the villainous members of the Phantom Troupe as well:

While Hunter x Hunter's manga is set to continue, the future of the anime adaptation remains a mystery at this point, with the last series being produced by Studio Madhouse. Having supplied the animation for some heavy hitters in the anime world such as One-Punch Man, Perfect Blue, Redline, and Overlord, we doubt there would be many fans that wouldn't love seeing Madhouse return to the series. With the original Madhouse series coming to an end following the Election Arc, there is plenty of material from the manga that has yet to be brought to the small screen.

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