Hunter x Hunter Creator Shares New Hiatus Update

Hunter x Hunter's creator has been riling up fans as he prepares for the manga's full return from hiatus, and the newest update from the creator is one of the most promising yet! The long running action series has been in the midst of the longest hiatus in the series to date, but earlier this year fans surprisingly got a major update from series creator Yoshihiro Togashi himself. After opening a new Twitter account and revealing to fans that he had been working on coming back with the series after all these years, fans have been waiting for the day these new chapters actually hit.

Togashi has been steadily sharing sneak peeks at his work on the drafts for the next wave of chapters for the series with fans on Twitter, and with his latest update has given fans concrete details as to how the series has been progressing. Taking to Twitter with a new draft, Togashi stated, "I've finished the inking process over pencil drawing for 10 chapters! There may be some fixes, though. I'll continue drawing my manuscripts for the next 10 chapters. Plus, I'll announce how inking whole chapter is proceeding. I have tons of drafts." So it's definitely promising for the series' return! Check out the update below: 

Togashi has yet to reveal whether or not Hunter x Hunter will be ready for a full comeback later this year, but with the drafting phases already done for the first planned return of ten chapters (much like each of the series' returns in the past), and work starting on what's next, fans could very well end up seeing a new chapter for the series before the year comes to an end. But Togashi also has been very blunt with fans about his current health issues as he details in a note before his manga's updates, "I have been unable to sit in a chair to draw for about two years, but I have managed to resume writing by giving up the traditional way of doing things. Everyone, please take care of your hips."

It's been four years since we last got a new chapter for Hunter x Hunter's run, and it's now in the middle of the pretty dense Succession Contest arc. It's going to be a pretty wild world for fans to jump back into, and unfortunately there's currently no legal way to check out the full series online. You can find the most recent chapters with Shueisha's Manga Plus, however, so what do you think? Are you excited for Hunter x Hunter's return from hiatus soon? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!