Hunter x Hunter Creator Updates Fans on New Chapters

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most highly anticipated comebacks in the world of anime, with creator Yoshihiro Togashi working on new chapters of the popular manga. While a release date hasn't been revealed as to when fans can expect Gon and his fellow hunters to make landfall, the mangaka responsible for the series has given fans a massive update not only on the next chapter, but on every chapter that he is currently working on. 

The last new chapter of Hunter x Hunter continued the story of the Succession Contest Arc and was printed in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, meaning it's been around four years since fans dove into this world of hunters. Despite such a long hiatus, Togashi hasn't made any hints that the series will be coming to a close, though if it were, it would be in good company as the likes of One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Black Clover. The current storyline sees a number of members of royalty fighting to reach the top of the food chain and sporting some serious supernatural powers in the process.

Yoshihiro Togashi took to his Official Twitter Account to share some major updates on chapters 393 through 399 of Hunter x Hunter, though a specific release date for the newest chapter has yet to be revealed: 

No393…Completion of retake specification of retake.
No394…Background effect manuscript returned. My work in progress.
No395…Waiting for return.
No396…Waiting for return.
No397…Waiting for return.
No398…Completed creating my border balloon background. Waiting for the background effect to be returned.
No399…I'm creating my border balloon background effect.  

While the manga is set to make a comeback with new chapters, the anime adaptation hasn't hinted at making a comeback any time soon. The last new episode of the anime series from Studio Madhouse arrived in 2014, bringing the adaptation to a close via the Election Arc that followed the devastating Chimera Ant Arc. Should the anime one day return, it will have plenty of stories that have yet to be adapted to the small screen.

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