Inuyasha to Release Replica Shikon Jewel Necklace

Inuyasha is one of the biggest fantasy anime to ever come from Japan, and its legacy lives on today. Thanks to Yashahime, fans of a new generation have been introduced to the Feudal Era and its supernatural charms. After all, Inuyasha is a lovable guy underneath all the bravado, and Kagome helped showed that to the world. And now, it seems Inuyasha is about to release a special replica necklace for anyone hoping to cosplay the anime.

Over in Japan, it has been announced that Inuyasha has released a replica Shikon Jewel necklace. The piece comes directly from Premium Bandai, so the officially licensed merch is replicated perfectly. Retailers like Aitaikuji are already taking pre-orders on the necklace, so you can check out its official description below.

"Inuyasha will be getting an official Shikon Jewel Necklace that will be a 1 to 1 scale of the necklace in the series! The gem is made out of rose quartz and the other parts of the necklace contain glass beads, shells, and brass," the retailer writes.

If you want to nab the necklace, it can be yours for just under $130 USD. The jewelry is expected to go on sale this May, so it will hopefully arrive in time for your next cosplay event. However, as COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, anime conventions are in short supply. There is no telling when cosplayers stateside will get to show off this buy in person, but the Inuyasha replica is just too pretty to pass up on!

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