John Cho Reveals Reaction to Watching Cowboy Bebop for the First Time

John Cho revealed how he reacted to watching Cowboy Bebop's anime for the first time! Fans of the original anime still regard it as a classic, so when Netflix initially announced that they were helping to produce a live-action adaptation of the series the fans had been a little anxious for the end result. One move that immediately turned much of that anxiety around, however, was the announcement that John Cho would be leading the series as the live-action version of Spike Spiegel. This was even truer when fans saw his makeover for the role as well. 

As part of Neflix's TUDUM Global Live Fan Event, Cowboy Bebop debuted its full opening sequence that showed John Cho along with much of the other cast members in action. Along with this, Netflix shared a special video in which Cho, Mustafa Shakir (who plays Jet Black in the new series) and Daniella Pineda (who plays Faye Valentine) interview one another about the upcoming series and Cho revealed how he felt when watching the original Cowboy Bebop anime for the first time. 

As Cho explained, "I was completely blown away by how unique it was. It was such an interesting combination of genres and humor and music. I was stunned that this particular thing existed. I was really impressed." Expanding on that further in a hilarious way, Cho gave three words that he would describe Spike Spiegel with, "Cool. Lost. Hungry?" and joked that "It's all about the suit baby!" In terms of how he's felt about fan reactions to the new show so far, Cho had some major takeaways. 

"Fans are picking up on out love for the original material," Cho began to explain about the nature of adapting the anime, "We were always just talking about, 'Is this Bebop?' I'm talking about where we put the camera. I'm talking about props. I'm talking about camera movements and the way people stood. Like, 'Is this Spike? Is this Jet? Is this a Bebop move?" Clearly Cho has been paying close attention along with the rest of the team in nailing this adaptation. 


We'll see for sure soon enough whether or not they are successful as Cowboy Bebop launches on Netflix worldwide on November 19th. What do you think? Are you curious to see John Cho's take on Spike Spiegel in Netflix's new Cowboy Bebop series? Do you agree with his review of the original? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!