JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Animator Shares Gorgeous New Sketch

The Golden Wind has come to an end and fans are waiting anxiously to see whether or not JoJo's [...]

The Golden Wind has come to an end and fans are waiting anxiously to see whether or not JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will be returning for a sixth season, which would follow the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne, as she "wades" through the Stone Ocean. One of the animators for the wildly popular recent season decided to revisit Giorno Giovanna and his posse by creating an amazing sketch that helps JoJo fans revisit the fifth season of the franchise. Giorno and company may be gone, but they're certainly not forgotten!

The artist for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure season five shared the sketch on their Official Twitter Account, presenting Giorno and his friends (some of which are no longer in the land of the living) in a wild, energetic sketch that unites them all within the Golden Wind:

For those who don't know, Golden Wind acted as the "fifth" story arc for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, continuing the idea of following the Joestar "bloodline" but giving Giorno Giovanna a twist. Giorno himself wasn't exactly the son of Jonathan Joestar, the protagonist of Phantom Blood, rather he was the son of Dio Brando, whose head sat atop Jonathan's body. Though the relationship between father and son is not shared, and Giorno really never even discovers the secret behind his genealogy, the creators manage to throw in a few easter eggs here and there to establish the bond.

JoJo Golden Wind
(Photo: David Production)

Golden Wind wrapped with Giorno managing to fulfill his dream of becoming the "Don" of the Passione mob family, bringing down the villainous Diavolo by trapping him in a nightmare loop wherein death was never an option. Whether or not we'll see Giorno re-appear in the anime at some point in a future season is still up in the air, though there always seems to be a character that makes a reappearance from earlier seasons down the road.

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is the fifth part of Hirohiko Araki's series, and follows Giorno Giovanna, the son of former series villain Dio Brando, as he joins the mafia group Passione in order to change and reform them into reputable thieves and crooks from the inside. The anime adaptation premiered last October, and can be currently found streaming on Crunchyroll.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was originally created by Hirohiko Araki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987. Currently the second longest running series in the magazine with over 100 volumes collected, the series tells the story of the Joestar family, who are each entwined in a destiny battling outrageous foes. The series has been split up into eight parts, with each part following a different generation of the Joestar family.