JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Shows Off Jolyne And Stone Free

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans were disappointed recently when the franchise didn't announce a confirmation of an anime season for the sixth story line for the adventures of Jotaro Kujo's daughter, Jolyne, within the arc known as "Stone Ocean" but that isn't stopping fans from celebrating the first female headliner of Hirohiko Araki's franchise with some spot on Cosplay for both Cujoh and her Stand of Stone Free! With Anime Expo's Warner Bros panel not giving any new information about the return of the anime, JoJo fans are crossing their fingers that Comic Con might be the place that reveals the future of the franchise!

The sixth season of the franchise would cover material that is strange even for the already unorthodox world of the Joestars, taking place in a maximum security prison in Florida as Jolyne attempts to clear her own name while confined within the "Stone Ocean". Of course, what would JoJo's Bizarre Adventure be without insane Stand battles at this point, so Cujoh finds herself getting a Stand of her own in Stone Free. While still being able to hand out serious beat downs with its fists like her father's Star Platinum, Stone Free can also transform both itself and Jolyne into a series of strings that allows for some rather idiosyncratic fights!

This Instagram Cosplayer did an amazing job of not only capturing the intensity of Jolyne Cujoh, but also doing an ingenious job of bringing her Stand, Stone Free, to life by using materials that could allow the ethereal being to ride on Jolyne's back in this photo:


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