JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Art Creates An Anime Villain Crossover

Dio Brando is easily one of the greatest anime villains that were created from the franchise of [...]

Dio Brando is easily one of the greatest anime villains that were created from the franchise of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and one fan artist has decided to team the vampire with other big time antagonists from the medium of anime. Joined by the likes of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter and Madara Uchiha from the Naruto franchise, it's clear that this triumvirate of villains would give any group of anime heroes their work cut out for them. Though these three villains are currently deceased, they clearly still have made an impact with anime fans.

The antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure first appeared in the premiere season of the anime, Phantom Blood, wherein he was a rival to the young Jonathan Joestar, the first Joestar that we come to know in the strange franchise. Though he ultimately lost his battle against Jonathan on a sinking ship, he had one final ace up his sleeve, attaching his own head to the body of his hated foe. With Dio taking over his body, he returned for the third season, threatening the descendants of Jonathan Joestar in the forms of Joseph and Jotaro!

Instagram Artist Kimichan.Art shared this jaw dropping interpretation of some of the biggest villains in anime's history joining forces, showing off the quiet danger of Dio Brando, Madara Uchiha, and Hisoka who caused so many problems for the heroes of their respective series:

Even following his death, Dio's legacy continues to be a danger to the Joestar family, as Jolyne, the daughter of Jotaro, must struggle with a plan that was put into motion from Brando's mind. As she attempts to battle Stand Users with the help of her own Stand, Stone Free, it's clear that whether he is alive or dead, the menace of Dio Brando will linger with anime protagonists and audiences alike.

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