JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Goes LEGO with a Golden Wind Makeover

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind introduced us to the son of Dio Brando, the latest Joestar in the Hirohiko Araki franchise, and while the Gold Experience took center stage, many fans believed that Bruno Bucciarati and his stand, Zipper Man, was the actual star, with one fan creating a lego build to honor both! Though Bucciarati wasn't able to ultimately survive the battle against Diavolo as both himself and Giorno attempted to take over the Passione mafia in order to lead it down a path that would ultimately be a force for good within the country of Italy.

Bucciarati's Stand was unique among the strange ethereal beings that were introduced in the fifth season of the anime, having the power to open up portals in time and space to teleport from one location to another, as well as having the disturbing ability to separate body parts of opponents that were attempting to take his life, while keeping them alive in the process. Bruno himself was the brains of the operation, bringing Giorno into contact with his crew of Stand users that has the best shot of changing the destiny of the mob they were looking to overtake. Though Bucciarati may have died, it's clear that his legacy will continue among fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

A Reddit User and Lego enthusiast was able to recreate both Giorno Giovanna and his Stand, Zipper Man, using a lego set that perfectly captures the member of the Passione mafia who joined forces with Girono in order to claim the mob from the grip of Diavolo and his deadly Stand of King Crimson:

Lego Gang from r/StardustCrusaders

The fifth season of the anime ended with Giorno and Bucciarati achieving their goal of overtaking the Passione Mafia, with the son of Dio acting as the new "Don" following him locking Diavolo in a state of never ending death. While the next season will focus on the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and her adventures within the Stone Ocean, definitely don't be surprised when previous events of the series are brought up in these maximum security prison adventures.

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