JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Depicts Hilarious Origin of Golden Wind Rivalry

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's fifth season, Golden Wind, followed the son of Dio Brando, Giorno Giovanna, in his quest to overtake the Italian mob known as the Passione mafia, and while he had a crew of Stand Users that had his back in his quest, he never quite got along with his "friend" Abbachio. One fan took the opportunity to create some hilarious fan art that shows the REAL reason as to why the two Stand Users could never quite get along when all was said and done, based around their unique hair styles.

Abbachio had one of the most unique origin stories when it came to the protagonists of the Golden Wind, originally a cop who witnessed his partner's death and subsequently joined the Passione mob under Bucciarati's watchful eye, the wielder of Moody Blues had something of a Spider-Man origin. Unable to pull the trigger on a robber that had secretly bribed him, Abbachio's partner took a bullet for him when the robber fired upon him. Labeled "a dirty cop", the silver haired protagonist fell into a deep depression and grew his wild hair style that is unlike anything seen outside the franchise of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

Reddit Fan Artist A Really Big Mistake posted this amazing web comic that shows Giorno walking into an unfortunate encounter with Abbacho that has both of their hair styles combining in a most hilarious fashion, perhaps giving us the real reason as to why these two protagonists of the Golden Wind never got along:

[Fanart] the real reason behind why abbachio and giorno dont like each other from r/StardustCrusaders

Abbachio, unfortunately, wasn't one of the final survivors of the series and was in fact the first member of Giorno's crew who fell in battle to the diabolical Diavolo. A few episodes before the conclusion of the fifth season, Abbachio discovered the mob boss' true identity and was killed as a result, but luckily was able to leave his friends a clue about the antagonist's identity post-mortum! At the conclusion of the season, Giorno achieved his dream of taking over the Passione mob by defeating Diavolo and pointing the mafia toward a far more altruistic goal!

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