JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan-Art Shines With This Fem Dio Makeover

Dio Brando has made a name for himself as one of the most recognizable villains in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and perhaps in the history of anime, and fans are constantly doing justice to the franchise's villain with works of fan art, with a new entry imagining what the immortal vampire would look like with a "Femme" makeover! Though Dio may have died in the finale of the third season, Stardust Crusaders, his legacy lives on and will certainly be a part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's future as the series moves forward for years to come!

The sixth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, has yet to be confirmed for an anime adaptation but as readers of the manga know, Dio continues to cast a deep shadow over the world and the Joestar bloodline which was ultimately responsible for his death. Dio's journey first began as nefariously as his personality, being taken in by the Joestar family and attempting to murder all the members within it to steal their fortune for himself. Though his plan ultimately failed, he found a new route to take when he discovered the legendary stone mask, giving him the power to transform into a vampire and thus become an immortal being in the process. Following this unnatural event, Dio became an antagonist for the protagonists throughout the first and third season of the franchise!

Reddit Artist CourtesanFromHell shared this amazing fan art that gives the immortal anime vampire a brand new aesthetic, while still maintaining the malice that has made Dio Brando such a threat throughout the franchise that is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:

[Fanart] Female DIO by me. from r/StardustCrusaders

In the sixth story line of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean, Dio "returns" in a fashion by enacting a plan that would take place following his death. With Jotaro Kujo's daughter being the main protagonist of the series, she must simultaneously attempt to clear her name of a crime she didn't commit and stop this plan that was spawned from beyond the grave. While Brando has yet to return in the flesh following his demise at the hands of Jotaro in the season three finale, the series has done crazier things than resurrecting big name characters so we wouldn't rule out Dio coming back to life!

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