JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Artist Creates Perfect Coronavirus PSA

During this time of quarantine, many anime fans are using their creative talents to lend some levity to the world at large and one JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan artist has done so with a creative public service announcement that takes one of the beloved characters from Diamond Is Unbreakable and places the spotlight on them to help spread the word on how folks can fight the coronavirus. With the help of Okuyasa Nijimura's Stand, simply called "The Hand", this fan artist is able to hilariously and effectively convey what we can all do to "flatten the curve".

Nijimura first appears in the fourth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as an antagonist, joining alongside his brother to fight against both Josuke and Koichi. Though he eventually has a change of heart, it is only attained following the death of his brother and the terrible situation that his father is put through as a "freak of nature". Okuyasa is able to eventually get over the troubles of his past by joining alongside Josuke in the war against Yoshikage Kira, mostly offering hilarity and some much needed back up with his powerful Stand. The Hand had the ability to "erase" anything and anyone that gets in its way by employing its ability, swiping through space and time with its fists.

Reddit Artist MoskiDraws shared this hilarious public service announcement that sees Josuke and Koichi interrupting Okuyasa's meal, demanding that he wash his hands, with the air headed Stand User instead deciding to wash his Stand rather than his own appendages:

[Fanart] In these dire times, don't forget to wash your hands. from r/StardustCrusaders

The franchise has focused on different generations of the Joestar family and hasn't been shy about killing off supporting characters that join the famous bloodline on their quest to take down Enemy Stand users. Luckily, Okuyasa managed to escape the season with his life, joining Josuke and the rest of the sleepy town of Morioh following the defeat, and subsequent death, of the serial killer Kira. While Nijimura didn't make an appearance in the following season of the Golden Wind, it's entirely possible that he makes another appearance at some point down the line in Hirohiko Araki's stunning anime franchise!

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