JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: What Role Does Jotaro Play In Stone Ocean?

Jotaro has been an instrumental part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure since his arrival in Stardust Crusaders, but the time has come for him to hand off the torch to his daughter, Jolyne, and all the problems that come with it. The Joestars have always been a family that has had tough times, whether it be fighting against Enemy Stand Users or vampires, but it seems as though Stone Ocean has placed them in quite the predicament while putting Jotaro himself between a rock and a hard place.  

Jotaro has played a significant role in the Sixth Part so far, being the one responsible for giving his daughter Jolyne her Stand thanks to a mysterious charm given to her near the beginning of the season. Visiting her daughter in jail after she was sent to Green Street Dolphin Penitentiary, the Stardust Crusader attempts to break down what is taking place and the enemies that the Joestars now face. Unfortunately for Jotaro, his abilities with Star Platinum have been nerfed to a certain degree thanks in part to a lack of battles that have been thrown his way since his role in Diamond Is Unbreakable, which definitely led to the terrible predicament he now finds himself in.

Encountering the villainous White Snake, the Stand of the prison's priest Pucci, Jotaro has been sent into a near-death state with both his memories and Stand being stolen in the form of discs. Pucci's Stand's ability allows the memories and powers of a Stand user to be transferred to a new host, which would certainly spell trouble for Jolyne and her new crew should the power of Star Platinum and his time-warping abilities fall into villainous hands. 

The first twelve episodes on Netflix are currently available to stream on Netflix, though the streaming service has been tight-lipped as to when anime fans can expect the series to make a return. Based on the previous seasons produced by David Production, we can most likely expect around thirty-nine episodes in total, if not more. 

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