Viral Video Perfectly Reimagines Jotaro's Fight with Dio

Jotaro's Star Platinum squaring off against Dio Brando's The World isn't just one of the biggest [...]

Jotaro's Star Platinum squaring off against Dio Brando's The World isn't just one of the biggest and best fights to take place during the third season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but it's also one of the most important fights of the franchise overall. Dio had seemingly been a villain that would plague the Joestar line throughout eternity, gaining not just immortality but the body of Jonathan Joestar which granted him his own Stand! Now, one fan has managed to dig up a hilarious viral video that recreates the final battle of Stardust Crusaders with the most unlikely of candidates.

Reddit User Primuds managed to discover this amazingly hilarious video that envisions Dio as a golden retriever who is using boxing gloves to ward off a punch happy Jotaro with his Star Platinum attempting to lay the eternal vampire to rest:

muda muda muda X9000 from r/AnimalTextGifs

Dio is 100% the biggest villain that has ever appeared within the storylines of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, beginning as simply a thorn in the side of Jonathan Joestar, but promoting himself to a world threatening demagogue after discovering the stone mask which transformed him into a vampire. Brando managed to survive the finale of Phantom Blood, the first season, by attaching his decapitated head to the body of Jonathan Joestar, then returning decades later as the main villain of the third season of the strange franchise.

Jotaro V Dio
(Photo: David Production)

The World itself as a Stand was extremely similar to that of Jotaro's Star Platinum because of Dio's use of Jonathan's body and even with his death, Brando's legacy continues to permeate the franchise moving forward, whether it be with his son Giorno leading the fifth season, Golden Wind, or the diabolical plan he concocts post-mortus in the upcoming Stone Ocean!

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