Jujutsu Kaisen Fan-Theory Teases Megumi's Villain Era

Jujutsu Kaisen likes to keep its fans on edge. Time and again, the series has thrown fans for a loop whether its through sudden deaths or double agents. From Geto to Nobara and Nanami, Jujutsu Kaisen has thrown out some big curveballs, but the series may not be done yet. After all, we know Megumi Fushiguro was just hit by a plot twist, and one theory suggests there's even worse things to come for the hero.

After all, the manga took fans by surprise this past week when it tossed Megumi into his very worst nightmare. The guy was reunited with his step-sister Tsumiki in order to get her out of The Culling Game. However, fans were stunned when the girl threw his hard work away and instead made the big tournament even harder. Megumi was quick to question who this person was as they weren't his sister, so it seems like forces are converging on the Fushiguro sorcerer.


Obviously, he's in a rough spot, and fans are curious if this twist might spark a turnaround for Megumi. After all, one fan-theory is becoming popular these days, and it suggests the sorcerer will become a series villain. A list of evidence foreshadowing the turn has gone viral online, and it is damning.

Plenty of manga art has positioned Megumi as an 'other' amongst his peers, and you can find examples in chapter 36 for instance. As you can see above, other art has teased an alliance between Megumi and Sukuna of all people. In fact, the ancient curse told Megumi not to die as Sukuna needed him to do something, and that sounds incredibly ominous. Plus, an art book for Jujutsu Kaisen sparked debate awhile back as fans noticed two visuals secretly lined up. Some color art of Megumi and Gojo combined to show a face-off between the pair, and that would happen if Megumi were to swap sides.

Of course, this evidence all points to a theory at this time, so there is no way of knowing if creator Gege Akutami will make such a twist. Megumi becoming a villain would throw a wrench in all sorts of plans, after all. Yuji and Gojo would be horrified by the loss, but we know Jujutsu Kaisen is wild enough to commit to this bit. But if this fan-theory tells us anything, it is that Megumi is going to swap sides sooner rather than later.

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