Jujutsu Kaisen Cliffhanger Ties Megumi and Gojo In the Worst Way

Jujutsu Kaisen knows how to hit fans where it hurts. In its run, the series has taken out a number of our favorite characters while hurting others. To be frank, it seems Yuji's crew gets the worst of the damage, and Megumi Fushiguro just learned that the hard way. After all, the manga just dropped a cliffhanger all about the sorcerer, and it has tied him to Gojo Satoru in the worst way.

If you are caught up with the manga, you will know what is up. The whole thing kicked off this week as creator Gege Akutami laid a terrible trap for Megumi. The boy managed to earn enough points in The Culling Game to make a rule change that would free his sister. After all, Tsumiki was roped into the affair thanks to Kenjaku, and Megumi worked tirelessly to save his step-sister. But in the end, well – we learned Tsumiki has more in common with Geto Suguru than we imagined.

And what is it? Well, it seems neither person are in their right mind. Geto's corpse is being pupated by a sick curse, and now, it seems something has taken control of Tsumiki.

As you can see above, Megumi watched this week as Tsumiki threw away her chance at safety by double-crossing her brother. The sorcerer makes a rule change that throws the Culling Game into chaos, and Megumi immediately knows something is up. Her brother is convinced the Tsumiki before him is not the sister he grew up with, and this instinct is one we've seen before in Gojo.

After all, the sorcerer had the same reaction when he saw Geto before being put in the Prison Realm. Despite his eyes telling him his friend was alive, Gojo said his soul knew better. At a glance, Gojo was certain Geto was being controlled, and that turned out to be true. Now, Megumi has shown that same insight as Gojo's ward, and we'll find out soon whether he is right or not about Tsumiki. 

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