Jujutsu Kaisen Gave Us The Best Anime Fight Of 2020

Jujutsu Kaisen hit the scene as one of the bigger "movers and shakers" in this fall season of anime, hoping to leave an impression in a field that already has the likes of Yashahime: Princess Half Demon and Noblesse vying for the top spots, but the supernatural Shonen series definitely was able to leave its mark with these recent episodes! Particularly, with Yuji allowing the curse residing within himself, "Sukuna", to take control of their shared body, the malevolent form was able to stretch its legs and demonstrate just how powerful it can be!

With the fourth episode of the anime series, we saw Itadori relying on the demon that is currently attempting to take control, saving Yuji's life by unleashing the devastating power of one of the most powerful curses in the world against a "Special Grade Cursed Spirit". It's clear from the very start this is presence is far stronger than anything they've faced so far, but it pales in comparison to the overall strength of Sukuna, who manages to cleave it into pieces with the stroke of his hands.

The battle then "continues" as Sukuna has taken complete control of Yuji's body, going so far as to rip his own heart out in front of Megumi, the first year student of Jujutsu Tech who has the ability to summon curses in the form of deadly animals at his beck and call. What makes these fights so fantastic is simply the fluidity of the characters involved thanks to some stellar animation on Studio MAPPA's part, proving that this animation house was definitely the right ones to take over the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan from Wit Studio.

Twitter User Kaikaikitan was able to capture one of the most jaw dropping moments wherein Sukuna is able to access his attack of "Domain Expansion" and easily finish the battle that nearly killed Yuji in the process:

MAPPA also clearly has shown a prowess for animating fight scenes in the recent Crunchyroll Original, The God of High School, but this battle over the course of two episodes between Yuji, Sukuna, Megumi, and the terrifying Cursed Spirit lying in wait within the "Cursed Womb" made for some startling action beats that are definitely worth your time if you have yet to dive into Jujutsu Kaisen proper.


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