Jump Festa 2018 Line-Up Teases Some Major Announcements

When it comes to anime, there is one convention that shonen fans always look forward to. Every [...]

When it comes to anime, there is one convention that shonen fans always look forward to. Every year, Shueisha hosts its Jump Festa to break new announcements about its biggest titles, and this year will be no different. The line-up for Jump Festa 2018 is a big one, and fans can look forward to all sorts of teasers being dropped at the event.

The upcoming event is scheduled to take place in Japan next month. Jump Festa 2018 will be held in Tokyo between December 15 - 17, and some of the anime industry's biggest titles will make an appearance at the event.

On the convention's first major panel day, fans can expect to get updates about My Hero Academia, Food Wars, Tokyo Ghoul:re, New Prince of Tennis, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san, and Haikyuu!! So far, fans know they will be getting brand-new updates about the third season of My Hero Academia at the event; Bones Inc. confirmed they would address the new season at Jump Festa 2018 in a recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

When it comes to the event's second day, shonen fans will be met with announcements for new and old series. Black Clover and Boruto will make their debuts at the event while returning anime series like Gintama also appear. Kekkai Sense Back 2 Back and The Disastrous Life of Saiki K will also have panels. And, in a very special appearance, One Piece will have a panel to honor its 20th anniversary.

Last year, Dragon Ball received plenty of love as the franchise celebrated its 30th anniversary at the event. So far, there are no confirmed plans for Dragon Ball Super to make any large announcements at the event, but fans are hoping Toei Animation comes through for them. Over the last couple months, rumors have run wild that Dragon Ball Super is looking to announce a new movie, and Jump Festa 2018 would be the perfect place to make those plans official.

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