Junji Ito Launches "Disturbing" New Manga

Junji Ito is set to have a big year with a new adaptation of his classic manga series of Uzumaki [...]

Junji Ito is set to have a big year with a new adaptation of his classic manga series of Uzumaki arriving with an anime on Adult Swim and the legendary horror mangaka isn't pumping the brakes as a new manga has arrived! Genkai Chitai, or "Disturbing Zone" is once again employing the use of Ito's amazing artistic talents, presenting a recurring series that travels through the mundane parts of life that are seemingly infected by the bizarre and the supernatural, which have become Ito's claim to fame in creating some of the most horrific images of recent memory!

Ito has done a number of classic horror stories during his time as a creator, aside from the aforementioned Uzumaki, including the spine tingling sea faring tale called Gyo, the claustrophobic tale of the Enigame of Amigara Fault, and the horror masterpiece of No Longer Human. Junji has been able to become a master of horror by not just depicting some of the most terrifying creatures ever drawn in manga, but also by setting up stories that do a fantastic job of blending the supernatural with the every day events we all experience. Genkai Chitai is looking to work with Junji Ito's strengths by once again creating a story that fuses two completely different worlds!

The currently released manga series is released through LINE, a publication that began in 2013 and has published a number of different adult stories during its time, including the popular anime series of Tower Of God which has been making a name for itself as a Crunchyroll Original! While obviously it's a tad too early to determine whether or not Genkai Chitai will get an anime adaptation all its own, we would imagine it wouldn't be too surprising if it got an adaptation similar to Uzumaki and Gyo!

Not all of Junji Ito's anime adaptations have gone off without a hitch though, as the Junji Ito Collection attempted to translate a number of the artist's short stories into anime and unfortunately, was received to a severely mixed reception among fans as many believed it simply couldn't translate the art work of the legendary horror master!

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