Learning With Pibby: Adult Swim's April Fools' Day Prank Invades Rick and Morty and Other Shows

April Fool's Day jokes have gotten old at this point, at least for most of us, and the day can be rather exhausting every year. That said, April Fool's pranks from Adult Swim will always be welcomed. The late night network always does something inventive and exciting with its animated titles on April 1st, something memorable that usually gets viewers talking. This year's prank started just after midnight on the east coast, and involves a certain character that was introduced in a proof of concept trailer last year.

This year's prank sees Libby, from Learning with Pibby: Apocalypse, invading the rest of the Adult Swim universe. This past Halloween, Adult Swim released the Learning with Pibby short as a trailer last year, teasing an educational kids program with pleasant characters that quickly spiraled into a terrifying horror story. For April Fool's, Pibby has started popping up in the various other Adult Swim shows.

Thursday night's broadcast (which aired on YouTube shortly after it was on TV) began with a Learning with Pibby introduction. Pibby was quickly swallowed up by a glitch in the reality of her own show only to reappear outside of Morty's house in Rick and Morty

The block kicks off with the fan-favorite Rick and Morty episode "Total Rickall," the Season 2 entry that introduces Mr. Poopybutthole. When the fake alien parasite characters start showing up in the episode, Pibby can be seen as part of the crowd. 

During a scene in which Morty is pointing a gun at Rick, he starts glitching out and the animation surrounding him resembles that of the glitch seen in Pibby's introduction. It's easily the most horrific scene in the episode, teasing the absolute chaos that seems to be following Pibby through the multiverse.

As Adult Swim's block on Thursday night continues, there will likely be quite a few more appearances from Pibby and her devastating glitch troubles.

What do you think of Adult Swim's April Fool's prank this year? Let us know in the comments!