Viral TikTok Praises Bolin's Best Moment in The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra has become one of the most watched series on the streaming service of Netflix, with fans once again diving into the sequel to Avatar The Last Airbender, and with the resurgence, some fans are re-discovering some of their favorite scenes with one fan in particular creating a TikTok video that shares their love for the pro-bender known as Bolin. The brother of Mako, the siblings were introduced to the series as the "Fire Ferrets", a team of professional benders that Korra would join in the early episodes of the sequel series that introduced a brand new Avatar to the world.

Bolin was considered a fan favorite among audiences that followed the four seasons of the Nickelodeon produced series, thanks in part to his flippant attitude and witty demeanor. The older sibling to Mako proved himself to be an adept earth bender, eventually managing to learn how to lava bend on top of his mastery of manipulating the earth beneath his feet. In the clip featured here, Bolin rips off his sleeves and gets down to the business of saving the lives of President Raiko and his wife in the second season, wherein both the earth bender and his friends were battling against the threat of Unalaq, a water bender who was attempting to become the "Dark Avatar" and do permanent damage to both the real world and the spirit world.

Twitter User AllisonSmithArt shared this TikTok that shows just how much love some fans have for Bolin and this moment where he rips off his sleeves and got down to the business of protecting the President of Republic City as they sat down to watch a movie that starred the earth bender:

The Legend of Korra is often considered the lesser of the two series when compared to its predecessor in Avatar The Last Airbender, but characters like Bolin became beloved characters that stood out among both stories thanks in part to their contributions and infectious personalities. With characters like Toph receiving their own graphic novels, we're crossing our fingers that Bolin gets similar treatment down the line as well.

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