Made in Abyss Season 2 OVA Announced

Made In Abyss is one of the wildest anime series airing today. Following a group of young heroes traversing through a dangerous environment known as the Abyss, the second season is in full swing, but it seems that more animation is on the way. The upcoming blu-ray set for the anime adaptation has revealed that a new OVA starring Prushka will be landing later this year, expanding on the dark world of the series. 

Prushka happens to be a daughter of one of the "Umbra Hand", having had an unfortunate time growing up within the 5th layer of the Abyss. With each level having its own unique challenges and terrors embedded within it, Prushka found herself suffering some physical and emotional injuries as a result of living within the "Sea of Corpses". While details about this upcoming OVA are sparse, outside of its title of "Together With Papa", it appears as though the story for this new adventure will focus on the ally to the main trio of the anime series. Considering the track record of the series so far, we're crossing our fingers that this new story will give Prushka a happier tale than what we've seen for many in the past.

The Official Twitter Account for Made In Abyss shared the news that the upcoming OVA will be a part of the Blu-ray set for the anime's second season, with animation studio Kinema Citrus returning for this story focusing on the fifth layer dweller within the Abyss:

The official description for "Together With Papa" reads as such from the official website for the series, with the franchise confirming that the new box-set will release on October 26th of this year:

"Prushka presents handmade flutes to those who could not become Umbra Hands. She wants to give her daddy (Bondold) a present as well."

The short will be directed by Takashi Koide with the screenplay created by Hideyuki Kurata. While a third season hasn't been confirmed for Made In Abyss as of yet, it certainly seems as though the popularity of the franchise, and the fact that there is plenty more Abyss to explore, might mean a renewal is a strong possibility

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