A Popular Rom-Com Manga Creator Is Gunning for Office in Japan

It is no secret that manga creators wear a great many hats. From writing to drawing and coloring, these artists go above and beyond for their series. And now, a new report has confirmed one beloved mangaka is running for office in Japan to protect himself and creators just like him. So if you think manga is being censured too often, well – you might want to lend this artist an ear. 

According to a new report, Ken Akamatsu is looking to trade in manga for cabinet meetings. SoraNews24 broke down the report for fans as the creator of Love Hina and Negima is going all-in on politics. The creator has told fans he hopes to run for office soon, and he is doing so in the hopes of protecting freedom of expression.

"This has been reported by some media outlets, but I had a meeting at the headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party. In order to protect freedom of expression, I have reached the decision to run in next summer's House of Councilors election," Akamatsu wrote on Twitter the other day.

For those needing some more context, Akamatsu met with leaders of Japan's largest political party to discuss running. Kyodo, a popular news outlet overseas, first reported Akamatsu was interesting in running for office after the artist met with Toshiaki Endo in early December. The latter is the Election Strategy Committee chairman, so obviously, Endo will work with Akamatsu in order to help promote his platform.

Of course, the mangaka has his own supporters, but most of them follow Akamatsu for his manga. The 53-year-old is known for championing rom-com series, but he is also a staunch advocate for artistic freedom. As manga continues to expand overseas, pushback has grown against certain series for better or worse. Now, Akamatsu hopes to advocate for artists in a more official capacity, but that choice will come down to votes.

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