Marvel's Spider-Man: Fake Red Manga Officially Canceled

Marvel's Spider-Man: Fake Red, a manga based on the Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4, has officially been canceled. Announced after the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home in Japan, Kodansha announced that a new manga based on the version of the hero fans got acquainted with in that PlayStation 4 title would be branching out through a new manga on the specialty Manga Pocket app last year in Japan. With a story supervised by Marvel themselves, Spider-Man: Fake Red was written and illustrated by Yusuke Osawa. Unfortunately, a year after its release series writer Osawa has confirmed with fans that it has been canceled.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news of Spider-Man: Fake Red's cancellation with fans, Osawa revealed that the series was ultimately brought to an end because it simply did not sell as well as anyone would have hoped. He also confirmed that there are unfortunately no plans in place for an official English language release outside of Japan either.

Expressing his disappointment over the series cancellation' (along with some colorful art from the series) with fans on Twitter, Yusuke Osawa revealed that while initial sales of Spider-Man: Fake Red's compiled volume releases were good, those sales numbers never quite reached a satisfactory amount. After its good debut, neither subsequent volume neither reached expectations nor did any of the digital releases.

Although Osawa teased there would be more if the series sold well, unfortunately those numbers never did reach a place worthy of continuing. These poor sales also do not help the fact that there is currently no overseas release planned for the series as of this writing. Now that it's canceled, it seems like this property will be staying in Japan for the foreseeable future.


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