Kevin Smith Explains Why New Masters of the Universe Series Has Revelation Title

Things are amiss in Eternia and according to Kevin Smith, the proverbial poo is about to hit the [...]

Things are amiss in Eternia and according to Kevin Smith, the proverbial poo is about to hit the fan. Smith, the filmmaker who's leading the charge on the writing and development for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, says Prince Adam and the Masters of the Universe are going to get a world-ending surprise just one episode into the first season of the reboot. Speaking with, Smith revealed the series initially had a much different name before one Netflix executive decided it revealed too much about the storyline of the series. As such, some might view Smith's comments as spoilers. Proceed with caution if you want to go into Masters of the Universe: Revelation knowing as little as possible.

"I just watched four and five yesterday back to back and they are so crazy emotional," Smith tells us of watching the series come to fruition. "Like high adventure, scenes that you've never seen before with the Masters of the Universe characters but always wanted to see. It's insanely emotional."

That's when he adds the series was initially called End of the Universe before Netflix Original Series boss Ted Biaselli decided it might have revealed a little too much. "So instead it's called Revelation," he adds. "So with that old title in mind, there are stakes in our series."

Before the reboot gets to episode five, Smith says, the world will definitely be in flux. "One of those stakes comes into play and it is rendered by the good folks at Powerhouse and voiced by our talent so expertly that even with a very sketchy black and white animatic that I'm watching I was bawling real tears yesterday," the filmmaker concludes. "The voice talent on this show is unparalleled. Powerhouse is absolutely realizing a far more imaginative Eternia than even I did or the writers did when we put it down on the page."

That expansive Revelation cast includes Chris Wood, Mark Hamill, Diedrich Bader, Kevin Conroy, Liam Cunningham, Lena Headey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Phil LaMarr, Justin Long, Jason Mewes, Kevin Michael Richardson, Alicia Silverstone, and Harley Quinn Smith amongst others.

Master of the Universe: Revelation has yet to set a release date.

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