Masters of the Universe: Revelation Was Developed Strictly for Fans of Original Show

If you're worried about who the latest Masters of the Universe series will be geared towards, you [...]

If you're worried about who the latest Masters of the Universe series will be geared towards, you need not fret — there's a good chance it was written from the ground up with you in mind. recently caught up with Masters of the Universe: Revelation showrunner Kevin Smith and according to the filmmaker, the series will cater to those who grew up with the original series. Though it isn't going to explicitly be an adult property, Smith says he's confident fans who watched the original show as kids will love the new series just as much.

"Our orders were you are making an animated series for people who grew up watching that, who now have children of their own, who want to watch it with their kids," Smith tells us. "It wasn't like get the widest possible audience. Teddy [Biaselli] was like, 'Get me. Get me and everybody like me.' This series is specifically for them. He's going 'I hope it plays for everybody else but this is about honoring the past and what's gone before.'"

As such, Revelation picks up immediately following the original series. "Everybody looks similar, of course they're all down in Powerhouse's current style, the anime style, but they're all wearing the same outfits, everyone behaving the same way," Smith adds. "Then by the end of our first episode, that's when the world starts shifting and stuff. So it is, I'm so happy with it."

The filmmaker compared the relaunch of the project to HBO's Game of Thrones in tone. "Treat it as seriously, no winking, no nudging, just treat it like I felt it was when I was a kid, it was real," the writer concludes. "Because of that, we do have something damn special...I feel like He-Man fans from childhood, people for whom like Teddy it was their religion, that was the audience we were told to go after. They're doing a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 3D CG animated cartoon and that's for everybody, that's for kids primarily. They're going after the audience that Filmation went after years ago with the original He-Man and Masters of the Universe."

Masters of the Universe: Revelation has yet to set a release date.

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