Gundam Announces Events And Panels For First Online Expo

Mobile Suit Gundam, even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic delaying the likes of the G Satellite and Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash, the legendary anime mech franchise is still looking to make the most of 2020, recently announcing the arrival of its first ever online expo. Powered by the folks of Bandai Namco Collectibles, who have made more than their fair share of Gundam Plastic Models over the years, the twelve day event is looking to expand the world of Mobile Suit Gundam by exploring new Gunpla releases that will expand the library of these figures!

Gundam plastic models have become a hot ticket item during the coronavirus pandemic, with fans of the mech franchise scooping up some of these kits in order to pass the time during this era of quarantine. With over 500 million Gunplas sold since they debuted decades ago alongside the first animated series that introduced the world to the battle between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation, it's clear that the production of these plastic models won't be ending any time soon considering the popularity of the models. With plenty of events already lined up for the upcoming Online Expo, it's clear that we'll be getting a ton of news with regards to future Gunplas!

Gundam Online Expo
(Photo: Gundam.Info)

The Gundam Online Expo is set to begin on August 20th and conclude on August 31st, taking place entirely online for fans to witness some of the biggest announcements from Bandai Namco, with the event having already revealed some of their panels and highlights:

  • MG Lineup Exhibit : MG lineup exhibition. The MG series lineup celebrating its 25th anniversary this year is gathered together.
  • GUNPLA Evolution History : The history of Gunpla evolution. Exhibiting valuable materials from the Bandai Hobby Center that produces Gunpla.
  • Giant GUNPLA Timeline : Giant Gunpla Timeline. The 40-year history of Gundam and Gundam is summarized. Package In-depth Analysis : Detailed analysis of the Gunpla package. Close up on how to create a package.
  • Modeler Masterpiece Exhibit : An exhibition of "MG" masterpieces by prominent modelers. Reveal of the Latest MGEX Brand :
  • Reveal the latest brand "MGEX". Introducing the latest item "MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka".

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Via Gundam.Info