My Hero Academia Introduces Aizawa's Best Partner Yet

My Hero Academia has placed Shota Aizawa firmly in Tomura Shigaraki's crosshairs, but luckily the [...]

My Hero Academia has placed Shota Aizawa firmly in Tomura Shigaraki's crosshairs, but luckily the latest chapter of the series has teamed him up with his best partner yet. Aizawa arrived toward the end of the previous chapter in order to save Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo from being destroyed by Shigaraki's decay powers. As the first of the major pros to make it to the scene after Endeavor started the fight, his quirk has done a good job at limiting Shigaraki's power for the moment...but that also means his eyes are going to be strained significantly.

Chapter 276 of the series thankfully has an idea of how to fix this issue as Aizawa won't have to continue straining his eyes so badly. In order to keep him from blinking as much as possible, the Normal Hero, Manual, has rushed to his side and is now using his water controlling quirk to keep Eraser Head's eyes flushed with water.

One of Aizawa's major weaknesses is that his quirk can temporarily eliminate his opponent's quirks only if he can keep his eyes focused on them. The second he closes his eyes to blink, his opponent could make a move and this is especially dangerous with Shigaraki's current Plus Ultra level of power. Aizawa's time to use his quirk has been even more limited throughout the last few arcs too do to how much damage he's taken overall.

My Hero Academia Aizawa Eraser Head Best Partner Manual Manga Spoilers
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But he won't have to worry about blinking (at least for now) as the other pros use this opportunity to attack Shigaraki in his de-powered state. Manual has rushed to Aizawa's side to keep a flow of water to his eyes. He mentions that he can't flood the eyes with water because it will make Aizawa blink anyway, so the two of them will have to stick as close to each other and move as in sync as possible.

The only major problem with this, however, is that now Manual is in Shigaraki's path of destruction too. Manual might be a good fit for Aizawa, but at the same time, he's also a notable pro hero we have seen a few times in the series before. It would make his potential death matter, and still keep higher priority characters like Aizawa hopefully out of harm's way.

But what do you think of this Eraser Head and Manual team up? Is it strange that this has never been an option in the series yet? Does this mark Manual for a potential death at Shigaraki's hands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!