My Hero Academia Officially Names Shigaraki's New Form

My Hero Academia just dropped the latest chapter of its "Paranormal Liberation War" arc - and it was everything that fans of the series have been waiting for! As the war between Pro Heroes and an army of villains ramped up, All For One disciple Dr. Ujiko enacted his plan to turn Tomura Shigaraki into the ultimate weapon, by boosting the young villain's disintegration powers to the max. A strike force of the top pro heroes tried to shutdown the process, but they were too late. My Hero Academia chapter 272 reveals Shigaraki's awakening, and gives his new form a brand new official name!

Warning! My Hero Academia manga SPOILERS Follow!

Tomura Shigaraki awakens in Dr. Ujiko's lab, after his near-death experience in the stasis tube. Shigaraki has embraced the All For One power that was hidden inside him, and when he re-awakens, it is an almost religious experience for Dr. Ujiko. As the mad scientist announces to Present Mic and the other pro heroes, this is a brand new Shigaraki, who deserves a brand new name:

"You had us beat. All your work and progress was building toward this, today. But now! We witness a miracle or something even greater: Plus Ultra Shigaraki has awakened!"

My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Shigaraki Manga 272
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

So there you have it: My Hero Academia is officially seen "Plus Ultra Shigaraki" make his debut - and it is a pretty horrific debut, indeed. Chapter 272 of the manga is pretty much one long action scene, which sees Shigaraki awaken, and immediately unleash a wave of his disintegration quirk, unlike anything we've ever seen in the series. Shigaraki vaporizes Dr. Ujiko's entire lab (and pro hero X-Less) in an instant - and then proceeds to vaporize the entire hospital where Ujiko hid his lab, and the surrounding town, as well!

The big question now is what kind of response will "Plus Ultra Shigaraki's" awakening provoke in Izuku Midoriya. This same chapter sees the original user of One For All once again contacting Deku mentally, to warn him: Not only is Plus Ultra Shigaraki have boosted power, according to One For All, he could be the fulfillment of All For One's ultimate form:

Freed from the shackles of humanity, his power now swells," One For All's originator tells Izuku. "A transcendent one is coming."


As we've been predicting for awhile now, it seems "Paranormal Liberation War" is building to the moment of My Hero Academia's dreaded Quirk Singularity - and the dead bodies are piling up quickly.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.