My Hero Academia Reveals Shigaraki's Secret New Power-Up

My Hero Academia's 'Paranormal Liberation War' arc continues keeping fans on the edge of their [...]

My Hero Academia's "Paranormal Liberation War" arc continues keeping fans on the edge of their seats with the latest manga chapter. Tomura Shigaraki is still on the loose, and the only thing holding back his new god-like powers is Eraserhead. As the pro heroes (along with Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo) try to rally behind Eraserhead and take Shigaraki down, the Paranormal Liberation Front's leader proves to have a few tricks still up his sleeves - powers or no powers. First, the heroes learn that Shigaraki actually has an entire army of monsters behind him - and then, to even greater horror, they learn that there was a second experiment that has given Shigaraki another big power-up!

Warning: My Hero Academia manga chapter 276 SPOILERS Follow!

While Eraserhead has Shigaraki down, the rest of the pro hero squad do their best to take him out. Endeavor hits him with a massive burn blast, only to be shocked (along with everyone else) when Shigaraki is able to withstand the blast, with relatively little damage. Endeavor quickly notes that the Shigaraki's overall strength, endurance, and ability to pull off massive power moves in the air look conspicuously like All Might's power.

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All For One's mad scientist Dr. Ujiko is being held prisoner by Present Mic, and the evil doctor confirms that he indeed baked some kind of modified (if lesser) version of All Might's powers into the brew of powers he used to enhance Shigaraki. With a single raise of his arm, Shigaraki has enough endurance to stop Endeavor's attack, and enough power to slam the No. 1 Pro Hero on the ground. After he realizes just how unstoppable he is, even without his quirks, Shigaraki makes a beeline straight for Eraserhead, in order to take him out and restore the full range of his powers. Even with a squad of heroes behind him, Eraserhead nearly does get taken out - thankfully, Deku and Bakugo arrive just in the nick of time, to take on Shigaraki themselves.

My Hero Academia has slowly been peeling back the layers on Shigaraki's transformation, and with every new power and ability that gets revealed, it gets harder and harder to imagine how the pro heroes and/or Izuku can stand against this level of power. Even without his quirk shut down, Shigaraki has Superman-level powers; he's unleashed both a giant monster (Gigantomachia) and an entire strain of new "Near-High End Nomu" - not to mention the quirk-canceling bullets he stole from Overhaul.

In short: this doesn't look like a war that the heroes are going to end up winning.