My Hero Academia Fan Has Pitched All Might's Mega Mech Makeover

All Might was definitely considered to be the "Superman" of the My Hero Academia universe, easily earning his title as the "Symbol of Peace" time and time again, but with his power being reduced significantly from what it once was, and one fan has taken this into account by giving the UA Academy teacher his very own mech suit! Following the battle with All For One, All Might had to give it his all and burn the remainder of his strength in order to claim victory, though he remains a big part of the series in teaching Deku the ropes.

Currently, in My Hero Academia's manga, All Might hasn't been a part of the insane story line of the Paranormal Liberation War which features the villain Shigaraki and his forces making their ultimate bid at changing the world in their favor. As Shigaraki has become the new inheritor of All For One, Deku has stepped up to the plate and brandished the full force of One For All in attempting to stop the mad villain's plan from taking fruition. Though we aren't sure if All Might will be making an appearance before the end of the arc, the "symbol of peace" certainly might be better off sitting this one out considering how many casualties we've seen to date!

Reddit Artist Nixinuva shared this impeccable take on what a mech might look like if it were modeled after the "Symbol of Peace" in All Might, the former strongest super hero in the world of My Hero Academia, giving the brawler a much needed power boost for the battles that face Class 1-A in the future:

All Might have a Mecha from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

The Quirk of One For All might not be able to steal Quirks like its evil counterpart, currently wielded by the head of the League of Villains in Shigaraki, but considering the amount of powers it currently have stored within it, it has become an essential tool used by Deku in order to fight against the powers of darkness. In the latest chapter of the manga, Midoriya has shown an understanding of the Quirk that allows him to add new powers to his roster.

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